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Legend Has it that...

Out of passion, a shoe businessman decided to plant a small parcel of vines on his farm.

When people were in the store, curious to taste his wines, asked if they could take a bottle with them.

Before he noticed, word started to be passed around, and now people were going to the store to buy his shoes and wines as well.

António Soares - Sapateiro

more than 15 unique wines

Sapateiro Boutique Winery produces wine in Marco de Canaveses, inside the Vinho Verde DOC region.

Some of the wines are certified by the commission of Vinho Verde, and some don’t. The reason is that we like to experiment (a lot!) and some of the wines break the rules and standards of the region.

All our wines are in-house boutique productions ranging from 300 to 4000 bottles per batch. We produce whites, reds and rosés of all kinds and throughout the year we constantly release new ones, in very limited editions.