Alvarinho & Avesso
Vinho Verde DOC

Intense color, almost golden.

On the nose shows pear, melon, and citrus, demonstrating later pineapple, passion fruit (lightly) and some notes of hazelnut.

Serious in the mouth, with a soft texture, freshness and some salinity.

Long finish.

Grapes: Alvarinho, Avesso.

Harvest: 2019

Bottles: 2700

Colheita Selecionada PNG

Colheita Selecionada
Vinho Verde DOC

Citric color. Pronounced in the aroma, where it stands out lime and lemon, followed by notes of linden, prince herb and green apple.

Crispy in the mouth, faithful to the region’s profile in terms of lightness and freshness, but in a modern wine perspective with a good compromise between residual sugar and acidity.

Very slight effervescence, just to emphasize freshness.

Grapes: Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura.

Harvest: 2018

Bottles: 5200

Rosé Escolha
Vinho Verde DOC

Pink wine with some intensity in the color. On the nose, aromas of sweet red fruit, like strawberry and currant, and floral notes of pink oleander.

Easy to drink and offers gastronomic aptitude thanks to the good acidity and body that is not too light.

Grapes: Padeiro, Espadeiro, Vinhão, Touriga Nacional.

Harvest: 2019

Bottles: 1300

Sapateiro Rosé PNG
Sapateiro Loureiro

Vinho Verde DOC

First edition of a monovarietal at Sapateiro. 

Fermentation of the wine without the addition of sulphites. Instead we used chestnut flower as a substitute.

Low-alcohol wine that shows intensity and a substancial finish in the mouth.

Grapes: Loureiro

Harvest: 2019

Bottles: 1300

Reserva Branco 2017
Vinho Verde DOC

Vinho Verde with no residual sugar, aged 18 months in new French oak and bottled without addition of CO2.

Grapes: Alvarinho, Avesso

Harvest: 2017

Bottles: 650

Sapateiro Reserva Branco 2017 - Vinho Verde DOC
Sapateiro Reserva Tinto 2017 - Cavalo de Tróia - Vinho Verde DOC

Reserva Tinto 2017
- Trojan Horse
Vinho Verde DOC

Red Vinho Verde aged 24 months in new French oak barrel
and bottled without addition of CO2.

Medium-body wine with high tannins: oaky, earthy with lots of spices. As it starts to open you feel more of the dark fruits and dark chocolate.

If open now, the wine needs to be decanted and breath for at least 3-5 hours. 

Wine that easily will age well and evolve for at least 10 years after the harvest date.

Grapes: Vinhão

Harvest: 2017

Bottles: 620